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Last remaining Bhante clay pieces available

Two new Bhante clay ikebana bowls are ready! When I was commissioned to make one for the Paris Buddhist Centre, I decided to make a couple of spares (as you do!).

They may be at the Open Studios on 12th November if they are still available by then.

I've called them ikebana bowls but at approximately 30cm in diameter, they could be used as a large bowl for incense offerings on a shrine. Ideal for a Buddhist centre!

£170 each. Contact me to order.

Last Bhante bowls

It has been a pleasure to make objects of meaning for people. However, I'm down to my last bucket and am going to reluctantly stop making Bhante bowls, shrine sets etc. Don't worry if you've already ordered something that isn't a mala from me, I will honour your order of course!

Please contact me if you would like to order any of these Bhante bowls. I have a few left including these.

Do see my pages for more information about the process and story behind these.

If you would like a Bhante clay mala, I am continuing to make these until the clay runs out!

A few Bhante clay Kuan Yin pendants and stupa necklaces are available too!

I'm pleased that the London Buddhist Centre bookshop also stock some of these, as well as some of my new shrine sets and individual items, so do pop in if you can. 51 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 0HU.

Till next time, keep cosy and healthy and enjoy autumn!


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