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Stoneware clay. Approx 33x22x11cm.



The title of the piece Contract comes from the symbolism of the knot in various cultures/contexts. For instance: a knot as a contract – tying the knot. A memory aid was a knot in a handkerchief, then notebooks, then photo albums. Its function is to re-connect one to the past or to record events.


This is a three dimensional photo album. Not a conventional one that you can pick up easily or leave on a table and leaf through like a book, but one that requires you to handle closely and carefully. Closely because the photographic images are quite small and lead you on a journey, and carefully because they are all over a weighty ceramic object.

Hidden within one of the crevices is a raw, open gash. The autobiographical message is to be careful when delving into memories because you don't know where they will lead you and if you delve too deeply, you might get hurt. The piece resembles viscera, a knot in the guts.


Moreover, contracts can fail. Memories are not to be relied upon as fact because people remember the same events differently. Contract is not only a noun, but a verb meaning to draw back from, to diminish. It is what happens when we flinch from pain.

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