Bhante Clay Devotional Objects 

My hope is that these objects will offer people a special sense of connection with Sangharakshita if he was their Buddhist teacher. Alternatively, they can serve as an aesthetic and subtle memento mori or a reminder of the truth of impermanence for anyone for whom such reflection is key. 


At present, I am making symbolic alms bowls and malas. See Bhante Clay Process for more information.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more or place an order.

Bhante bowls

£50 each. Approx 14cm diameter

"I love Sassirika's ceramics. Each piece is uniquely beautiful. The shrine bowls made from the clay from Bhante's grave have made very special gifts to some dear friends."


"Sassirika listened with care and receptivity to my vision of the alms-bowl, and knowing her work, I simply trusted whatever would emerge in the meeting between her and the clay. I was moved and delighted when I saw the bowls: one for myself, and one a gift for a friend. They are perfectly crafted - subtle and beautiful in their form, weight, finish, colouring. Each one uniquely marked but in harmony with the other."



£108 for 108 beads, £54 for 54 beads

"I am so pleased with the mala beads Sassirika made for me on request. Since receiving them I meditate with them every day. They are very smooth to hold and fill my heart with love as Sassirika made them with earth from our Buddhist teacher's grave."


"I first saw this mala ten months ago, I was completely drawn to it by its beauty, and I just loved the colours. Then Sassirika told me that she had made the beads from the earth of my Buddhist teacher's grave and that she had worked the soil to turn it into a clay ready to make these beads and mala.

The knots in between the beads represent the interconnection between all beings and the pendant is Kuan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion.

This mala is so beautifully made, with deep meaning and thoughtful detail. I use it every day and look at it many times a day admiring its beauty and meaning."