If you're looking for a special gift for yourself, a friend or family member, you can be sure that buying something from my collection will guarantee uniqueness. Most pieces start off thrown on a potter's wheel in porcelain or stoneware clay. They are then hand decorated and finished with glazes I make myself. I make either one-off pieces or small batches from my studio in North London using materials from UK suppliers.


Buying from Sassirika Ceramics helps to support craft rather than mass production. With today's fast-paced lifestyle and increasingly digital world, making contact with an object made by hand with care can remind you of your connection with nature through the material itself. It may even help you to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you.

"I love Sassirika’s work and have bought many lovely objects over the years, both practical and beautiful, either as gifts or as a treat for myself, including my favourite mug of all time. I’m always happy to see what she’s working on and am never disappointed."


Emma Styles

"I love that Sassirika's work is so different, yet in all of them one can read her style, and it is so beautiful!! What I really love is that her works have 'feeling' and at the same time are very high quality - something of Wabi Sabi, but 5 stars on precision and attention to detail!"

Ruta George

"We have bought Sassirika's pieces over the years for our home and as gifts. We have other handmade bowls, vases and cups but those that come out of Sassirika's hand are unique. Maybe its because of her dance career and mindfulness practice? Whatever the reason, the cups, mugs and bowls which we use many times a day are a pleasure to hold and make rituals out of our breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Because the pieces are individual and done in the wabisabi style they often appear slightly different from the last time. I like that they are durable and practical as well as beautiful. Given the work put in to create them, they are also a great value for money."

Joanna Niccala Swiecka

"I was so proud to gift some pieces of Sassirika Ceramics to my newly wed friends. The quality and creativity is stunning in Sassirika's work! Very happy customer."


Fraya Thomsen

"I bought two small, ceramic lipped trays from Sassirika 18 months ago. I'm still using them as soap dishes. They were well packaged for delivery, and arrived in good time after a brief discussion about sizes and colour choices. I love that these are one off pieces that cheer up my bathroom and kitchen with their subtle but unique bursts of colour."

Morna Sung