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Stoneware clay. Approx 22x18x15cm.
Fortune I:
Fortune II: £195
Fortune III: £175

Fortune multi-colour sculpture
FORTUNE multi - IMAGE 7 RS4W_edited
Fortune green sculpture
White and blue sculpture

These vessels are a response to seeing ancient Chinese money and portable weighing scales in a museum. My grandmother had owned a set so it triggered nostalgia.


I made thrown and altered pieces which became 'purses' and these represented the sleeves into which the scales would originally have been tucked. The images on them were taken from a book of traditional Chinese woodblock print new year posters.


The age old tradition at Chinese New Year is to to paste a new pair of posters on the front doors of the home to welcome in the new year and bring fortune and good luck. I wanted to combine this custom with the symbolism of wealth and fortune throughout history. Each purse is decorated to represent a different era of Chinese history.

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