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Two minutes of fame!

Sunday Morning Live appearance

Everyone has 15 minutes of fame apparently, well I've just had two! On Sunday 1st September, I appeared with a few other craft makers on BBC One's Sunday Morning Live! Yes, it was a live show but thankfully, it was all so last minute and a bit of a whirlwind experience that I managed not to be too nervous.

Close-up with bowl

I find it hard gazing at a camera with a frozen smile for a photo but having a few big TV cameras around was ok because I didn't have to look at them!

The show is a religious/ethics magazine style programme and this closing piece was about craft-makers and their connection with spiritual practice.

I presented my alms bowls and mala, and a few shrine sets.

Shrine set

It was great to meet the other makers and see and hear about what they do. There was Philip Koomen who makes beautiful wooden furniture, Lois and Bridgette who knit life-sized figures (yes, really!), and Craig who is an army veteran and discovered the therapeutic benefits of pottery as an effective treatment for PTSD.

You can catch it on

BBC i-Player:

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