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'Colour and Form' now open! 7 October - 5 November.

Colour and Form is curated by abstract painter Val Hudson. She has selected twelve artists from all over the UK to present their alternative views and provoke responses about 'Reality' through the fundamental building blocks of any artist - colour and form.

Val says:

The exhibition takes us on a journey. A journey from the architectural and beautiful urban-brutalism of artists like Mandy Payne and Kerri Pratt, through to the contemplative, elemental, landscape-like, play of Val Hudson and Russel Frampton, from the structural, mathematical, formal geometry of John E Walter to the noble decay of Brian Neish's colour-bleeds, from the mythic narratives implied in Anna Marrow and Nagasiddhi's unexpected and magical combination of objects through to the sensitively crafted and tenderly devotional ceramic artefacts of Chris Taylor and Sassirika.

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